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Share your thoughts and news, learn what people around you talk about, meet like-minded individuals while remaining anonymous!

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Talk about the topics that you are interested in. Express your thoughts openly!

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Open your world to the people around you while remaining anonymous!
During the day I'm on a diet, and at night i turn into a hungry monster!😈🍔

Express yourself
openly Talk about anything you like, as no one will know that it is you. Chum guarantees full anonymity!

Talk about the topics
that you are interested in

Talk to
the people around you!

Only the people who are near you will see your posts. Learn what people around you think about you!

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Start an anonymous chat with the authors of the posts that you liked. Find friends who share your interests or maybe even your other half!

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Become close to the people you liked. Video calls will help you open yourself to those who deserve it.

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